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ChatGPT Passes MBA Exam, Claims Professor But Sounds Alarm

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When it came to questions on fundamental operations management and process analysis, ChatGPT "did a great job in education."
Professor Christian Terwish looks at what these AI tools mean for MBA programs. He published a research paper in which he examined the performance of ChatGPT on the Operations Management Final Test, a typical MBA core course.

According to the study, the professor wrote that the AI ​​chatbot "does a wonderful job on basic operations management and process analysis questions, including those that are based on case studies." He said it has some drawbacks, such as not being able to deal with "more advanced process analysis problems".

However, ChatGPT "would have gotten a B to B- grade on the exam," he said, according to the outlet. Mr. Terwiesz said the bot has done a good job drafting legal documents elsewhere and "some believe the next generation of this technology may even be able to pass the bar exam."

Fortune said that in the introduction to his paper, Mr.Terwiesz noted the impact that electronic calculators had had on the business sector and made the case that ChatGPT could have a similar impact.

He states in his study, "Before the introduction of calculators and other computing devices, many firms employed hundreds of employees whose task it was to manually perform mathematical operations such as multiplication or matrix inversion. Obviously, such tasks now are automatic." , and the value of related skills has decreased dramatically. In the same way any automation of the skills taught in our MBA program could potentially reduce the value of an MBA education."