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Income Tax Refund: If you have not received the income tax refund of last year, then check the status like this

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If you have not received your refund on last year's tax deposited, you can process your refund again. To know, you have to read this news completely….

Income Tax Refund 2022: If you have not received the refund yet after filing Income Tax Return of last year 2022, then you do not need to worry. We are going to give you complete information about checking the status in this news. After filing Income Tax Return (ITR), taxpayers are waiting for maximum refund.
It is known that the deadline for filing ITR for the financial year 2021-22 (FY2021-22) and assessment year 2022-23 (Assessment Year 2022-23) was 31 July 2022. The Income Tax Department has also sent their refund money . There are many taxpayers across the country, but there are many taxpayers who have not received the refund yet.

Process refund again
The Income Tax Department will issue you the refund only when you process the Income Tax Return. If your refund has not come despite the passage of time, then there is no need to panic. If you want, you can send the request to process your refund again to the Income Tax Department.

Check refund status like this
      • First of all you have to go to the website of
      • In this you will have to fill PAN card, password and captcha code, after which your account will be logged in.
      • After this you have to click on ‘Review Returns / Forms’.
      • Select ‘Income Tax Return’ from the drop down menu. Select the assessment year for -which you want to check the IT refund status.
      • After that click on the acknowledgment number. Now the timeline of return filing will appear on the screen.
      Follow these steps for re-issue request
      • First of all, you have to go to the official website
      • You have to click on the ‘My Account’ menu of the website.
      • After this, again click on the ‘Service Request’ link.
      • Select the request type as ‘New Request’.
      • Select ‘Request Category’ as ‘Refund Reissue’ and then submit it.
      • After this, PAN, return type, assessment year, acknowledgment number, communication reference number, reason for refund rejection and response will appear on the page.
      • Now click on ‘Submit’ in the ‘Response’ column. This will display the pre-validated bank accounts where the enabled EVC will be visible.
      • Click on Select the account in which you want the refund.
      • Click on ‘OK’ when all the details are correct. Options for e-verification will appear in the dialog box.
      • Select the appropriate mode of e-verification.
      • After this generate and enter the Electronic Verification Code (EVC) / Aadhaar OTP to submit the request.
      • A ‘Success’ message will appear on your screen confirming the refund re-issue submission.