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Jio to Bring AirFiber Soon, What You Should Know

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Before the launch of 5G, Reliance Jio had announced something really exciting for the Indian market. The telco had said that it would be bringing a new 5G FWA (fixed-wireless access) device for the users called Jio AirFiber. Jio AirFiber would deliver the same high speed and service as traditional broadband. The only thing would be that Jio’s 5G network would be in play with this. Reliance Jio showcased the product during the India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2022. The telco did not really give a demo of how it would work, but it did allow the people attending the event really take a look at how it would look like.

Jio’s AirFiber would be a game-changing product. What will be interesting is how the telco would market it. According to an ET report, Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) president, Kiran Thomas, said that the product would soon be making its way to the market. This means that before the end of 2023, we could see Jio AirFiber sitting inside the homes of regular users. Jio AirFiber would leverage 5G, and that could be one of the reasons why Reliance is pushing the 5G rollout at a rapid pace.

The commercial plans of the product have not been revealed yet. They will likely be announced later on when the launch of the product would be close. Reliance Jio has already managed to make its way inside millions of homes with the JioFiber service. It’s worth noting that, in a way, Jio AirFiber would be a competition for the JioFiber services.

Jio AirFiber is a compact device and would be able to deliver Wi-Fi connectivity in an area of 1000 square feet on a single floor. The product has been talked about a lot in the past, and the excitement around it seems to be coming back.

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