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Social Media Influencers and Celebrities be careful, rules will have to be broken heavily, fine up to 10 lakhs fixed

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Social Media Rules for Advertising: Nowadays a lot of misleading advertisements and fake advertisements are happening through social media, due to which it has been decided to issue guidelines for social media.

The Central Government has decided to issue guidelines for Social Media Influencers and Celebrities. Violation of the guidelines can be fined up to 10 lakhs for the first time and if the rule is violated repeatedly, then in that case the culprits can also be fined from 20 to 50 lakhs for violation .

what are the rules?

As we came to know from the sources, action will be taken against any social media influencers and celebrities endorsing any fake product or giving false information or promoting any brand without investment. the product existence.

The relevant authorities say that these rules will also mention that it will also be mandatory for social media influencers to disclose the payment received for the promotion of a brand or whether they have any monetary interest in the promotion of any product or service. It will be mandatory to provide this information about deals. Let us tell you that companies, brands and even representatives of digital platforms are involved in issuing these guidelines, after whose extensive consultation these rules are being brought in effect.  source:abplive