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UPI update: You can lose lakhs in a few seconds! Adopt these 5 UPI tips for safer online payments

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The use of UPI for online payment is rising astronomically. It is becoming the mainstay of payments in India. Now even foreign countries are adopting India’s UPI journey. India’s indigenous payment system has had debit card giants worried as more and more people are adopting the direct method of payments. However, UPI has also become a target for online fraudsters. They are inventing new methods to dupe people of lakhs of rupees in a matter of seconds. Here are some safety tips that can hopefully keep you safe in the online payment ecosystem.

Screen lock

You should keep a strong screen lock, password and PIN. You should never share it with anyone or write it down for remembrance. This is because it can keep your personal data, financial information and applications safe from fraudsters. Never use simple passwords like name, birthday, mobile numbers etc.

Never share your PIN

Sharing PINs can create massive issues for you. Any person can access your phone with the right PIN and use your accounts for illegal transactions. If someone knows about your PIN, quickly reset it for security reasons.

Don’t click on any SMS link, nor entertain phone calls

Do not click on unknown links. Fraudsters may try to befool you with lucrative offers or with scary texts like your account will get closed. They can share links via email, phone messages and WhatsApp. They can also call you posing as the bank representatives or text you. Never share your bank, Aadhaar and PAN details for any purpose with unknown people. Also, never click on unverified links. These are becoming the worst tools when it comes to online fraud.

Keep Your UPI applications update

Always use the latest versions of your UPI applications. This is because the latest version also contains the updated security features. These can safeguard you from online hackers.

Don’t use multiple payment apps from your phone. Also, check the veracity and certificates of mobile applications before installing them.