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At least 68 killed in Nepal’s worst air crash in 30 years

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A big plane accident happened in Nepal on Sunday morning. Yeti Airlines plane ATR-72 had 68 passengers including 5 Indians and 4 crew members. Chief District Officer Tek Bahadur KC said that 60 bodies have been retrieved so far. Earlier the government had told the death toll to be 29. Eyewitnesses say that no one survived the accident. Here, two people were pulled out alive from the spot, both were fishermen.
The pictures and footage of the accident have come to the fore. This accident looks very frightening in him. According to people engaged in rescue and relief, no one is expected to survive. The Civil Aviation Authority says that flames were seen in the plane 10 seconds before landing. Therefore, it cannot be said that the accident happened due to bad weather. Earlier it was being said that the accident happened due to bad weather.