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“Thinks He Can Walk All Over…”: Elon Musk Faces Cases Over Twitter Layoffs

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Twitter is facing a growing number of cases over the terms of those terminations — and there’s even a complaint that Elon Musk illegally converted office space into bedrooms so employees could sleep on site

San Francisco: The purge initiated by Elon Musk at Twitter when he took over the company left more than half of its 7,500 employees on the sidelines and now many of them are taking the SpaceX and Tesla tycoon to court.

Lawyer Shannon Liss-Riordan said, “It is extremely worrying that the richest man in the world feels he can run over workers’ rights and not have to follow the law. We intend to hold him accountable.” ,

Liss-Riordan is leading one such case against Twitter – at its core, it argues that some employees are not receiving the severance and compensation promised to them prior to Musk’s acquisition.

This, lawyers allege, was a disguised layoff plan that ignored California law by denying workers compensation and the 60-day warning time required by law.

This, experts said, could cost Twitter and Musk dearly.

“Twitter could resolve the case quickly by paying the former employees whatever they are entitled to under the law,” said Eric Goldman, a law professor at Santa Clara University.

Musk criticized Mayor London Breed in a tweet, saying, “That’s why the City of San Francisco attacks companies providing beds for tired workers instead of keeping kids safe from fentanyl.”

Musk was referring to a recent scandal involving a 10-month-old child who overdosed on fentanyl after ingesting the substance at a playground

“Thinks He Can Walk All Over…”: Elon Musk Faces Cases Over Twitter Layoffs

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