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Bihar government introduces offline competency tests for contractual teachers

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In a significant development that stands to benefit protesting contractual teachers in Bihar, the Nitish Kumar-led government announced on Thursday its decision to introduce ‘offline’ competency tests alongside the existing online tests for granting government employee status. Vijay Kumar Choudhary, education minister of Bihar has revealed that contractual teachers would now be allowed a total of five attempts to pass the competency test—three online and two offline, according to an official statement..

“The eligibility for government employee status will be granted only to those who successfully pass the test,” the minister said.

“The government has acknowledged the demand of contractual teachers to conduct offline competency tests for their eligibility as government employees. Previously, there was no provision for conducting this mandatory test offline. Recognising that many contractual school teachers lack proficiency in computer operations, the government has decided to provide them with two additional attempts for offline competency tests,” Choudhary said.

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This decision brings relief to numerous contractual teachers who may not be adept at computer operations, as only online tests were previously available. Approximately 3.5 lakh contractual teachers in Bihar are expected to benefit from this policy change, which aims to offer them job security. However, those who fail to clear the competency test even after five attempts will face termination from their positions, as per the statement.

source by : The Financial Express

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