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CBSE not to award any division or distinction in class 10 and 12 board exams

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CBSE also clarified that the Board does not calculate/inform/declare the percentage of marks

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in an official press release stated that ‘No overall division/distinction/aggregate will be awarded’ to students writing the class 10 and 12 board examinations.

Upon receiving requests to intimate the criteria for calculating the percentage of the students writing the Board’s examination, Dr Sanyam Bharadwaj, CBSE Controller of Examinations, announced the decision in an official press release.

No overall division/distinction/aggregate will be awarded’ as per sub-section 40.1 (iii) of Chapter -7 of the Examination Bye-Laws, mentioned the press release.

CBSE also mentioned that if a candidate has offered more than five subjects then the decision to determine the best five subjects lies with the admitting institution or employer.

It was also clarified in the press release that the Board does not calculate/inform/declare the percentage of marks and it may be done by the admitting institution or employer if it is required for higher education or employment.

‘CBSE decision a welcome change’

“The recent CBSE decision to not award divisions or distinctions comes as a welcome change and an important step towards realizing the essence of NEP 2020. This decision may be influenced by various factors, including a desire to reduce academic pressure on students, promote a more holistic approach to education, and address concerns about the impact of high-stakes exams on mental health. On the positive side, this approach encourages a focus on overall learning rather than just exam performance, fostering a more balanced educational environment, ultimately moving away from rote learning. It might also help reduce the intense competition that students often experience during board exams,” said Sanyogita Sharma, Director, Manav Rachna International Schools.

“ However, there could be concerns about how this decision might affect students’ motivation and the recognition of their achievements so with clear guidance on weighing the performance indicators, this decision can work out in favor of every child. Also, if a candidate has appeared for more than five subjects, the decision to determine the best five subjects to be taken by the admitting institution is a welcome change,” says Sanyogita Sharma.

source by: Hindustan Times News

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