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Watch: ‘Bigg Boss 16’ fame Archana Gautam beaten up at Congress office along with father

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Archana Gautam has been a candidate from Hastinapur assembly of Meerut in the UP assembly elections on Congress party apart from being an actor

Actor and politician Archana Gautam, who’s also known for participating in Bigg Boss 16, was manhandled and beaten up outside the Congress along with her father. The father-daughter duo reached the capital to congratulate Priyanka Gandhi and and national president Mallikarjun Kharge on the passing of the Women’s Bill in Parliament, according to a report by India TV.

Archana Gautam has been a candidate from Hastinapur assembly of Meerut in the UP assembly elections on Congress party.

While every day unfolded a new fight in the reality show, Archana Gautam appeared to be a constant around the heated environment. Not a single contestant was left in the Bigg Boss who hadn’t engaged in a war of words with the actress-turned-politician, including rapper MC Stan.

Taking to Instagram, the official account of Colors TV had shared a video, which revealed that the fight began because Stan didn’t do his cleaning duty. And then What Archana was quick to point that out and ended up calling Stan ghatiya.

Well, Stan wasn’t the one to take things quietly as he responded to her saying Tere baap ka naukar hai kya?

This led Stan questioning her again ‘if Bigg Boss was her father’ and made a comment about Archana’s mother, which was beeped out. Archana said that one who can’t respect someone’s mother will always remain cheap. And later shooed him away, saying “Phut yaha se.”

source by : Firstpost

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