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Google fires employees in multiple devisions with a regret message: Full story in 5 points

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Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is reportedly doing a new wave of job cuts, with YouTube being the latest subsidiary to undergo restructuring. Approximately 100 workers at YouTube are said to have lost their jobs, adding to the recent series of layoffs across various Google departments. The company has also promised to provide severance pay to impacted users and emailed employees, saying we regret to inform you about this decision.

“Due to changes in business needs, Google has decided to restructure operations at certain of its facilities. Based on this decision, we have had to make some difficult decisions about ongoing employment of some Google employees and we regret to inform you that your position is being eliminated. We recognise how much this impacts you and regret the need to move in this direction,” the company said in the email. Here is the full story in 5 points.

Google layoffs on a wider scale start again: Full story in 5 points

-Alphabet’s YouTube is currently undergoing a restructuring, leading to the layoff of around 100 workers. While this move is part of a broader strategy, affected employees will have the opportunity to apply for internal positions within the company.

-The layoffs at YouTube specifically target employees in operations and creator management teams. These teams play a crucial role in facilitating support between content creators on the platform and the overall video service.

-YouTube is not the sole entity within Google facing job cuts. Over the past week, Google has announced layoffs affecting more than 1,000 workers, according to reports. The Large Customer Sales ad team saw jobs cut in favor of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) tools, and headcount reductions affected employees in Alphabet’s hardware and search units.

-Google has confirmed that eligible employees affected by the layoffs will receive severance pay. Additionally, those impacted have the chance to reapply for select opportunities in other departments. However, failure to secure a position will result in departure from the company by April this year. Outplacement services and state unemployment information are being provided to laid-off Google employees.

-Lastly, Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, has warned employees to expect further job cuts this year. In an internal memo, Pichai emphasized the company’s ambitious goals and the necessity of tough choices to create capacity for investments. He clarified that the current role eliminations are not at the scale of last year’s reductions and won’t impact every team. The layoffs are part of a strategy to “remove layers, simplify execution, and drive velocity in some areas,” with ongoing resource allocation decisions expected throughout the year.

This series of job cuts comes in the wake of Google’s previous layoffs around the same time last year, where 12,000 employees were fired. The company faces these challenges amidst high inflation and interest rates impacting the broader economy and businesses.

source by: India Today News

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