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Disney Layoff 2023: As around 4000 employees to lose jobs, here are roles that will be impacted

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Other international companies have continued to follow the massive layoff moves that large firms like Google, Meta, Microsoft, and others started last year.  On April 24, the entertainment behemoth Disney began its second wave of layoffs, which will have an impact on 4,000 of its employees’ livelihood.

Who will be impacted by the latest layoffs?

According to reports, the entertainment platform has been preparing to lay off 7,000 employees as part of a bigger restructuring that will result in cost savings for the corporation of $5.5 billion. Disney Entertainment, ESPN, Disney Parks, Products, and Experiences were all impacted by the second wave of cuts.

The corporation stated to staff that “The senior leadership teams have been working diligently to define our future organisation, and our biggest priority has been getting this right, rather than getting it done quickly,” CNBC reported.

When will be the next round of layoffs?

According to the report, the next round of imminent layoffs is anticipated to begin before the summer season. Jobs across the nation, from California and Burbank to New York and Connecticut, will be impacted. Jimmy Pitaro, the CEO of ESPN, wrote in a memo to staff members that “As we advance as a core segment of Disney, with operational control and financial responsibility, we must further identify ways to be efficient and nimble.”

Disney continued, “This is a transitional period for Disney, and these changes affect everyone, regardless of how they may or may not affect your role. We are committed to helping you throughout this time, therefore we invite you to contact your leader or HR partner if you have any questions or need assistance.

In February, the major entertainment company stated that it would be laying off 7,000 workers to reduce expenses. The Walt Disney Company’s CEO, Bob Iger, stated, “I do not make this decision lightly. I have the utmost respect and admiration for the brilliance and commitment of all of our employees, and I am aware of how these changes will affect me personally.

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