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Here’s why YouTube removed 5.6 million videos during July-September: All details

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YouTube, a video streaming platform, has removed 5.6 million videos from its platform in the months of July and September 2022, citing violations of its Community Guidelines.

The platform has received over 271,000 appeals for removal during the two months. YouTube said in its latest blog that after reviewing the content, it reinstated nearly 29,000 appeals.

According to YouTube, from July to September this year, for every 10,000 views, there were 10 to 11 pieces of content that violated the Community Guidelines.

Additionally, the blog also stated that preventing serious real-world harm does not mean it will remove all offensive content from YouTube as it is generally believed that “open debate and free expression” lead to better social outcomes.

YouTube said it worked closely with all parties and NGOs, academics and relevant experts from different countries to inform this policy review, according to the company.

“We watch dozens or hundreds of videos to understand the implications of creating different policy lines. Creating a policy line is never about a single video; it’s about thinking about the impact of the video.” , which will be removed and which may remain under the new guideline. Following this comprehensive review, the team shares various options for the policy line, ensuring that there are detailed examples of videos to be removed or what YouTube says.

Meanwhile, YouTube is bringing YouTube Shorts to TV. The company announced through a blog post that viewers will be able to watch YouTube short videos (60 seconds or less) on the big screen sitting at home. The feature will be compatible with TV models launching in 2019 and later, as well as newer game consoles.