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Imran Khan asks IMF not to extend loan to Pakistan before election audit

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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Imran Khan on Friday confirmed that he wrote a letter to the IMF, asking it to hold an audit of election results in Pakistan before approving any new loan for Islamabad.

“The letter has been written to the IMF and will be dispatched today. If the country gets a loan in such a situation, then who will return it?” news agency ANI quoted Imran Khan as saying. Imran Khan said that the loan would add to the country’s debt and lead to more poverty.

Khan’s confirmation came after PTI senator Ali Zafar said that the party founder had decided to write to the IMF urging it to call for an audit of the February 8 election before it continues talks with Islamabad for a new loan programme. However, a report in The News International said that the IMF expressed willingness to work with the new Pakistani government, ignoring his demand.

Meanwhile, PML-N leader and former finance minister of Pakistan Ishaq Dar hit out at Imran Khan over the letter to the IMF. Dar said the letter held no significance and termed Imran Khan’s actions as condemnable. “Writing anything for personal gain is shameful. The PTI founder’s letter will have no significance,” ANI quoted Dar.

Last year, Pakistan successfully secured a short-term USD 3 billion program from the IMF, which played a crucial role in preventing a sovereign debt default. However, this program is set to expire next month, and there is significant emphasis on obtaining a new, larger one under the new administration, Geo News has reported.

Following a coalition agreement between the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), and their allies, there have been nationwide protests announced by the PTI and other political parties, rejecting the election results.

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The PTI is advocating for election results to be based on Form 45, which represents the results of individual polling stations, rather than Form 47, which consolidates results at the constituency level. The party alleges vote rigging, particularly after its independent candidates secured a majority in the national assembly.

source by: Hindustan Times News

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