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IPS Success Story: Woman IPS Officer Aslam Khan’s Devotion to Lord Krishna – A Tale of Devotion And Inspiration.

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In a remarkable tale of unwavering dedication and resilience, Aslam Khan, an accomplished IPS officer, has carved a distinctive path in the Indian Police Service while staying deeply rooted in her faith. Her extraordinary journey is a testament to her indomitable spirit and unwavering commitment, transcending the boundaries of her profession and personal beliefs.

Aslam Khan currently holds the position of Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIGP) in the Goa Police, but her story goes beyond the ranks and badges. It is a narrative that interweaves her professional triumphs with her profound devotion to Lord Krishna, showcasing a unique blend of faith and duty.

Let us delve into the life and accomplishments of Aslam Khan, from her early challenges to her dedicated service and her unwavering faith.

Early Life and Triumph Over Challenges:

Aslam Khan’s life began with an unexpected twist, as her birth defied her parents’ anticipation of a son. However, her parents exhibited remarkable foresight by naming her Aslam Khan even before her arrival. Despite financial constraints, her father prioritized her education, demonstrating unwavering support even during challenging times. Notably, there was an instance when he couldn’t afford a simple chocolate on her birthday, yet his determination to provide her with a quality education remained unshaken.

The UPSC Voyage:

In 2007, Aslam Khan’s unwavering resolve led her to join the prestigious Indian Police Service. Beyond her professional endeavors, she is an active presence on social media, frequently sharing cherished moments with her parents. Following her induction into the IPS, she was assigned to the AGMUT cadre. Adding to her remarkable journey, Aslam Khan entered into matrimony with fellow IPS officer Pankaj Kumar in 2007. Presently, both are stationed in Goa, pursuing their careers side by side.

Balancing Faith and Duty:

Aslam Khan and her spouse, Pankaj Kumar, are parents to two children— a daughter and a son. In 2014, an auspicious visit to the Govind Dev Temple in Jaipur with a colleague catalyzed her profound devotion to Lord Krishna. Since that transformative moment, she has devoted herself to meditation and prayer. Remarkably, Aslam Khan harbors deep reverence for all religious faiths, regularly offering prayers and performing rituals at both Hindu temples and mosques. To her, Hinduism signifies more than a religion; it embodies a comprehensive way of life.

A Policewoman with a Compassionate Approach:

Aslam Khan’s tenure as the Deputy Superintendent of Police in North-West Delhi in 2018 brought her into the spotlight for her distinctive approach to policing. During this period, she handled the case of Maan Singh, a truck driver who was brutally murdered during a planned robbery. What sets Aslam Khan apart is her compassionate outreach to Maan Singh’s family. Understanding their dire circumstances, she began financially assisting them by allocating a portion of her salary to support their livelihood. Her empathetic and community-centric policing methodology has earned her respect and admiration from both the public and her peers.


In conclusion, the incredible journey of Aslam Khan—rising from a modest upbringing to becoming a distinguished IPS officer who seamlessly balances her faith and professional duties—is profoundly inspiring. Her unwavering dedication to serving society, coupled with her deep-rooted beliefs, serves as a shining example for aspiring officers and individuals alike. It is a story of triumph over adversity, where faith and duty walk hand in hand, illuminating the path towards a brighter future.