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ISKCON sends Rs 100 crore defamation notice to Maneka Gandhi

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The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) has sent a Rs 100 crore defamation notice to BJP MP Maneka Gandhi, who was heard in a video accusing the organisation of selling all its cows to the butchers.

In the undated video, Maneka Gandhi, who is an animal rights activist, is heard saying “ISKCON establishes gaushalas and earns unlimited benefits for the same from the government, in the form of huge lands. It is selling all its cows to the butchers and no one else does this more than them. They are the ones who roam on the road chanting ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ and say their entire life is dependent on milk.”

The ISKCON, which had strongly refuted her allegations as “unsubstantiated and false”, has now taken legal action against the BJP MP.

Vice-president of ISKCON Kolkata, Radharaman Das says, “The comments of Maneka Gandhi were very unfortunate. Our devotees across the world are very hurt. We are taking legal action of defamation of Rs 100 crore against her. We have sent her a notice today. How can an MP, once a Union minister, lie without any evidence against such a big society?”

The ISKCON official also contradicted Maneka’s claim of visit to Anantapur Gaushala (in Andhra Pradesh).

“No one at Anantapur Gaushala remembers Maneka Gandhi

Denying Maneka’s charge, ISKCON had said in a statement: “Within India, ISKCON runs more than 60 goshalas protecting hundreds of sacred cows and bulls and providing personalized care for their entire lifetime. Many of the cows presently served in ISKCON’s goshalas were brought to us after being found abandoned, injured, or rescued from being slaughtered.”

‘Maneka’s remarks part of larger conspiracy’

Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav has termed BJP MP Maneka Gandhi’s allegations against ISKCON as “disgusting” and described it as a part of a larger conspiracy to spread animosity in society.

Reacting sharply to charge that “ISKCON” is the biggest cheat in the country which “sells cows to butchers”, Akhilesh said that “The question in the minds of the people is why the BJP leaders want to spread animosity in the society and at whose instance. Allegations on ISKCON are an indication of a larger conspiracy.”

source by :The times of india

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