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5 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Choose A Manual Car In India

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Manual cars are more affordable and have lower maintenance costs compared to automatic cars. They also offer greater control over the vehicle, making them a good choice for driving on winding roads or in heavy traffic. Manual cars are more fuel-efficient because the driver has control over the gears and can shift to the most efficient gear for the speed they are driving. It is a fun experience to drive a manual car since it is more hands-on, and they are widely available in India.

In today’s world, automatic cars have become increasingly popular due to their convenience and ease of use. However, there are still many reasons why one might prefer a manual car over an automatic one. There are some compelling reasons why a manual car may be the better choice for some drivers. If the question of buying an automatic vs buying a manual keeps lingering in your mind! Times Driver readers here are five of the top reasons why one might choose a manual car over an automatic.

Affordability: One of the main reasons to choose a manual car over an automatic one is affordability. Manual transmission cars are generally less expensive than automatic transmission cars. In addition, the maintenance cost of a manual car is also lower as they have fewer parts and are generally simpler in design.

Control: Driving a manual car gives you a greater sense of control over your vehicle. You have the ability to shift gears at the precise moment you want, allowing you to take full advantage of your car’s power and acceleration. This can be especially important when driving on winding roads or in heavy traffic. In addition the control over gears in a manual car comes in quite handy on highways, expressways and on winding roads.


Fuel efficiency: In general, manual transmission cars tend to be more fuel-efficient than automatic transmission cars. This is because the driver has more control over the gears, which allows them to shift to the most efficient gear for the speed they are driving. Additionally, manual cars tend to be lighter than their automatic counterparts, which can also contribute to better fuel efficiency.

Fun factor: There’s no denying that driving a manual car can be a lot of fun. The process of shifting gears and engaging with your car in a more hands-on way can make the driving experience more engaging and enjoyable. The ability to choose the gear is still very much appreciated by car enthusiasts around the globe and in India. If you perfect the art of driving a manual car there is no greater joy than that and the you can have loads of fun driving and shifting the gears yourself.

Availability: In India, manual transmission cars are still more widely available than automatic transmission cars. Although now the option of an automatic is being provided on most cars, the availability of a manual transmission still remains more widespread across models. This means that if you are looking for a specific model or brand of car, you may have a greater chance of finding it in a manual transmission option.

While there are certainly benefits to choosing an automatic car, there are also many good reasons why a manual car may be the right choice for you. From affordability and fuel efficiency to control and the fun factor, a manual car can offer a unique and enjoyable driving experience.

Source: TimesNow

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