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Asia Cup 2022: India ranked third in the Super-4 table, these are the equations to reach the final

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Asia Cup final 2022: In the Super-4 round, only the top-2 teams will get entry in the final of Asia Cup 2022. Currently, Team India is at number three.
Team India: After losing its first match in the Super-4 round of the Asia Cup 2022, Team India is looking in a bit of trouble. She has moved up to the third position in the Super-4 table. Whereas only the top-2 teams of this table will get a chance to play the final of the Asia Cup 2022. Currently, Team India has to play two more matches in this Super-4 round in Asia cup . Apart from this, the remaining three teams of Super-4 also have two matches left in super-4. In such a situation, let's take a look at how Team India can reach the final Match.

If Team India wins both the matches in Asia cup Matches.

The next match of the Indian team is against Sri Lanka and after that it has to face Afghanistan team. If the Indian team wins both these upcoming matches , then its chances of reaching the Super-4 will increase. However, some equations will need to be correct in this . That is, if Sri Lanka loses to Pakistan , then India will easily reach Super-4.But if Sri Lanka's team wins from Pakistan, then whose net run rate is better in India and Sri Lanka will get entry in the final. So India will have to win one of their two matches by a good margin, it would be better if they beat Sri Lanka by a big margin in matches.

If Team India wins from Sri Lanka but loses to Afghanistan then what will be the result..
Even in such a situation, India's chances of reaching the final of the Asia Cup will be remain. But India will have to pray that Sri Lanka and Afghanistan lose their respective matches to Pakistan in upcoming clash. In such a situation, all the three teams (India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan) will have one win and two losses. That is, the decision will be made on the basis of run rate. Even in such a situation, India will need a good win against Sri Lanka.

If Team India loses to Sri Lanka but wins from Afghanistan then what will be the result..
In such a situation, it will be decided to play the final of Sri Lanka's Asia Cup match . But here also India will have the possibility of reaching the final in Asia Cup 2022. Just India will have to pray that Pakistan loses both its matches to Sri Lanka and Afghanistan in upcoming clash. If this happens, then India, Pakistan and Afghanistan will have one win each and the decision will be on the basis of net run rate overall. That is, if Team India registers a big win over Afghanistan, then it can reach the final in Asia Cup.