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Fire in Guru Nanak Dev Hospital : A huge fire broke out in hospital in Amritsar,see video.

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Fire In Guru Nanak Dev Hospital: A major accident has happened in Amritsar, Punjab. A fire has broken out in the Guru Nanak Hospital here. This fire was so severe that even bringing the patients out of the hospital had to face great difficulty and there was an atmosphere of panic among them to save their lives. The video of this incident has also surfaced, from which it can be estimated how fierce the fire was.

The cause of the fire is said to be a spark emanating from the transformer behind the hospital (Guru Nanak Dev Hospital). However, fire brigade vehicles have reached the spot and are engaged in extinguishing the fire. Officer Lovepreet Singh has told that the fire has been brought under control and in this work 8 fire brigade vehicles were engaged in extinguishing the fire.

Patients lying on the road running away from the hospital

As the black smoke caused by the fire spread all over the area, many patients faced difficulty in breathing and fled to the hospital and lay on the road outside. The patients and their relatives were quite shocked by this incident.

Many patients also lodged their complaint that no one came to save them even after giving their voice several times and they had to struggle to escape on their own. The building has suffered a lot in this fire and the matter is being investigated. Till the time of writing this report, no casualty has been reported in this incident. Cabinet Minister Harbhajan Singh has reached the spot after receiving the news of the fire.