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Google considers investing in Bengaluru-based startup to help build BharatGPT

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Media reports suggest that Google is exploring a potential investment of around four million dollars in an Indian Artificial Intelligence startup, This startup is notably engaged in developing an indigenous Large Language Model known as ‘BharatGPT‘, catering to over a dozen Indian languages.

During the recent ‘Google For India’ event’s ninth edition, Google hinted at a forthcoming partnership between Google Pay and the Indian government. Simultaneously, Google revealed collaborations with numerous businesses, governments, brands, and industries for Generative Artificial Intelligence through Google Cloud. has been highlighted as a significant player among Indian startups, particularly due to its creation of BharatGPT, an indigenous Large Language Model-based AI solution. This innovative solution, boasting superiority over ChatGPT, extends support to various Indic languages.

The discussions between tech giant Google and, based in Bengaluru, signify Google’s interest in investing in the development of BharatGPT. This investment could mark a significant leap in fostering native-language AI models and technology within the Indian startup ecosystem.

What is this BharatGPT?

BharatGPT, a revolutionary innovation by, the Conversational AI Platform, is India’s answer to existing Generative AI/Large Language. It is created by and is a groundbreaking AI system specially crafted to handle India’s diverse languages. It’s a big deal in language tech because it covers more than a dozen Indian languages, understanding all their unique quirks.

Imagine this: BharatGPT can chat, write, and understand languages like Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, and many more. Its main goal? Making communication easy for India’s diverse population. So, whether you’re using an AI chatbot or an app, BharatGPT helps you connect effortlessly in your preferred language.

This tech gem isn’t just a language wizard; it’s a game-changer for many sectors. From customer service to online shopping, content creation, education, and government services, BharatGPT makes things smoother. Its knack for understanding the small details in language gives it an edge, making it a key player in advancing tech that resonates with India’s language diversity.

source by: Newsable Asianet News

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