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In Lucknow, This Shop Sells Sweet Made Of 24-carat Gold For Rs 55,000 Per Kg

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Lucknow is known for its various types of delectable foods. From Galauti Kebab and Awadhi Biryani to Shahi Tukda and Zafrani Kheer, the streets of Lucknow are filled with many lip-smacking delicacies. Recently, the city grabbed headlines for selling one of the unique sweets made of 24-carat gold in the world, whose price has been rising faster than the Sensex.

As per reports, Chhappan Bhog, one of the famous sweet shops, located in the Sadar Bazaar in Lucknow sells sweets made of 24K gold which is garnished with dry fruits that are sourced from various places across the world. So far, this sweet has been sold at Rs 50,000 per kilo, but now, it will likely change its colour, shape and size and the price will also increase.

The name of the sweet is Exotica, which has been made by Chhappan Bhog sweet shop. It is one of the most expensive sweets in Lucknow. But what’s interesting to note is that this delicious food has become a symbol of status in Lucknow. The owner of the sweet shop, Ravindra Gupta in an interview with News18 said, “This sweet was first made at the request of a customer in 2009 and within no time this sweet has become famous all over the world.”

Currently, amidst the festive season, the citizens of India are caught in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup frenzy. To keep up with the demands and trends of the market, Chhappan Bhog has decided to introduce a sweet in the colour and shape of the World Cup. After the cricket tournament concludes, the look of the sweet will be changed once again. In the same interview, Ravindra Gupta said, “The price of gold is increasing rapidly. In such a situation, it is difficult to say that the price of this sweet will remain only Rs 50,000.”

He also added that now people have begun the tradition of gifting each other sweets as gifts at weddings. As soon as the wedding season begins, the demand for the Exotica Sweet increases and is sold for Rs 50,000 per kg. It contains 100 pieces. One piece of the sweet weighs 10 grams and costs Rs 500. Apart from that, the sweet is sold in a gift box of four pieces worth Rs 2,000. Gupta shared that about three to four boxes worth Rs 2,000 are sold every day. The 100-piece box is mostly bought during festive seasons or special wedding ceremonies. People from abroad also order the 100-piece box worth Rs 55,000 from countries like England, London, the USA and Dubai.

Apart from the 24-carat gold, dry fruits from across the world are also added to Exotica Sweet. Dry fruits like Macadamia nuts from South Africa, Pine Nuts from Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh, Mamra Almonds from Iran, Blueberries from the USA, pistachios from Afghanistan, hazelnuts from Turkey and Saffron from Kashmir are used in the Exotica Sweet.

source by : News 18

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