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Jasnil Kumar quits the Rs 7 crore question despite guessing it right; Big B says “Khel jaate toh jeet jaate aaj”

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Jasnil Kumar, a contestant on Kaun Banega Crorepati 15, became emotional after winning Rs 1 crore. He expressed his long-standing dream of being on the show and how he worked hard to achieve it despite facing mockery. Jasnil credited his son’s belief and motivation for his success. However, he chose to quit the game when faced with the Rs 7 crore question. Amitabh Bachchan revealed that Jasnil’s guess for the answer was correct.

People mocked me but I still felt that one day I would prove them all wrong. I dreamt that one day my whole life would change. Meri taqdeer aur mere ghar ki tasveer badlegi.”

Jasnil further shared how his 5-year-old son had motivated him, “When KBC’s call didn’t come I used to ask my son, will the call come this time? That little kid once told me, ‘Zaroor aayega

‘, I didn’t teach him this, it was naturally his instinct and this belief motivated me. He said, ‘Papa jab jana tab chamchamati car leke aana.’ It is his belief that made me reach here.”

Amitabh Bachchan then asked the 16th question worth Rs 7 crore: Leena Gade , a person of Indian origin is the first female race engineer to win which of the following races?

A) Indianapolis

B) 24 Hours of Le Mans

C) 12 Hours of Sebring

D) Monaco Grand Prix

After pondering over the question, Jasnil reveals that he doesn’t know the right answer to the question and would like to quit. Big B allows him to quit the game. To give the right answer, Big B asks him to choose one option. Jasnil chooses Option

B. Amitabh Bachchan reveals that if he had played the last question then he would have won Rs 7 crore as his guess was absolutely right. He said, “

Khel jaate toh 7 crore jeet jaate aaj.” Big B then hugs him again and sends him. Jasnil further gets a chance to choose one electronic appliance as a souvenir and he chooses a new TV. He says, “We had a very old TV at our place and it had already gotten ruined. Finally, we will get to watch KBC together.”

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