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‘No Concept of Political Parties in Sharia’: Taliban Bans Democracy in Afghanistan

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The Taliban in Afghanistan banned all political parties in the nation citing the Sharia and saying that such activities are against Islamic law. This new jolt to the fight for restoration of democracy and polity comes a day after the Taliban marked the second anniversary of the takeover of Kabul.

The ban was announced during a news conference in Afghanistan’s Kabul. The press conference was led by Abdul Hakim Sharei, the Taliban minister of justice, who said under the Sharia – which is a set of laws and precepts that govern the daily lives of Muslim people – there is no concept of political parties.

“There is no Sharia basis for political parties to operate in the country. They do not serve the national interest, nor does the nation appreciate them,” Sharei said without adding much detail.

People familiar with the developments told that the decision was taken with consent of the top leadership of the government. They pointed out that Sharei belongs to the Kandhari faction which is led by Mullah Mohammad Omar and also includes heavyweight leaders like Amir Khan Muttaqi.

People mentioned above also pointed out that now foreign relief and aid will be hard to come by as this new development will not be accepted by the global community who will then restrict grants and aids.

At least 70 major and small political parties were formally registered with the Afghanistan justice ministry till 2021 but after Taliban reclaimed control of war-ravaged Afghanistan and subsequent withdrawal of US forces, the political system in the nation fell apart.

Taliban has curbed freedom of association, assembly and expression to suppress criticism against the government but it allows its supporters to enjoy these rights.

They have imposed austere interpretations of Shariah to govern Afghanistan after seizing power and have banned girls from attending schools beyond the sixth grade. Afghan women have been banned from work and public life. Women now face restrictions even when it comes to self-care and beauty as salons have been closed.

The concept of freedom of the press has also died during the two years of Taliban rule with the terrorists forcing scores of news channels and outlets to close and hundreds of journalists to leave the war torn nation.

source by: News 18

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