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Donald Trump Case: Former US President Donald Trump arrested, case related to adult star

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Donald Trump News: The New York Grand Jury had approved the criminal case against former US President Donald Trump in the Adult Star case.

Donald Trump Case: Former US President Donald Trump was arrested on Tuesday (April 4). Donald Trump had reached the Manhattan court for the hearing of the criminal case. In the Adult Star case, the New York Grand Jury approved the criminal case against the former President. Donald Trump has been arrested in a criminal case related to allegations of paying an adult film actress to keep her mouth shut ahead of the 2016 presidential election. He has been produced in the court.

Donald Trump has declared himself innocent in the court. Trump pleaded not guilty. He called 34 cases of manipulation wrong. After the court's action, Trump will issue a statement on his behalf. Tight security arrangements were made near the court before Trump arrived. Trump reached the court in a convoy of eight cars.He is the first former US President to face criminal trial. Trump, associated with the Republican Party, wrote on the 'Truth Social' platform before leaving Florida on Monday that he was being constantly harassed. Trump has denied any wrongdoing in relation to giving money to Stormy Daniels. An investigation into the matter by the Manhattan District Attorney's office was initiated when Trump was President.

Donald Trump has denied the allegations
The case relates to a US$130,000 payment made to Daniels on behalf of his then-personal attorney Michael Cohen in late October 2016, days before the presidential election. This money was allegedly given to Daniels so that he would not make any disclosure about his alleged relationship with Trump a decade ago. Trump has been denying this allegation.

Sent email to supporters before muscle
Donald Trump sent an email to his supporters a few hours before his appearance in court. In which he claimed that this was the last email before his arrest. In this, he said that America is becoming a country of the 'Marxist Third World'. Trump wrote that today, we are mourning the loss of justice in America. Today is the day when a ruling political party arrests its main rival even if he has not committed any crime.

He said in his e-mail that I want to thank you for your support. I am overwhelmed by all the donations, support and prayers we have received. It is sad to see what is happening - not for me - but for our country.

Source by: ABP Live