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Uttarakhand govt bans outsiders buying land in the state

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The Pushkar Singh Dhami Government in Uttarakhand has banned outsiders purchasing agricultural land in the state. District magistrates have been ordered not to permit agriculture and horticulture land purchase deals till further orders or submission of new land law draft by the committee.

A statement issued by the government late on Sunday night read: “In pursuit of an amendment in 2004, section 154 of the Uttar Pradesh Zamindari and Land System Act 1950, persons who do not own immovable properties in the state prior to September 12, 2003, will not be allowed to purchase agriculture and horticulture lands in the state.”

Hence, the statement of the Dhami Government held that granting of permission to purchase agricultural lands to non-natives has been suspended and district magistrates have been directed to withhold all agricultural and horticulture land purchase deals by the outsiders hence after.

It informed that a drafting committee has been constituted by the state government to draft new land laws for Uttarakhand.

It’s noteworthy that an expert panel constituted by the state government on land law in 2021 submitted its report in 2022. Another high-level committee has been assigned with the task of drafting a new land law. It was kept under wraps till recently when activists and statehood agitators protested and raised a high-pitched demand for early implementation of the new land and domicile residential laws in the state.

During a high-level meeting on Sunday, the Chief Minister Dhami said contrary to the existing norms the district magistrate will not have final say on granting permission to purchase of land for agriculture and horticulture purposes for those who are not from the state.

He said ban on agricultural land purchases will remain in place for outsiders till further order or the draft land law committee submits its report. The decision has been taken in the interest of the state and its people.

The chief minister directed the committee to expedite drafting of land laws with wide consultations and suggestions from experts and people associated with different vocations. He directed the officials conduct wide range of public hearings under the committee before finalising the draft land law.

source by: The Statesman News

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