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Amid protests in India, Bilawal Bhutto says ‘not afraid of Modi, RSS’

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Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto on Saturday said that he is not afraid of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi or the RSS, amid nationwide protests by the BJP against Bilawal’s personal attack on PM Modi. He said his comments were based on history and the term he used for PM Modi was not his invention but was coined by the Indian media, reported Pakistan’s newspaper Dawn.he said, ‘History is witness to the role played by the present Indian Prime Minister in Gujarat. No matter how much BJP or RSS protest, they cannot distort history.

The Ministry of External Affairs issued a strong statement against Pakistan and said that Bilawal’s ‘uncivilized outburst’ has hit a new low even for Pakistan. Pakistan’s Foreign Office issued a counter-statement and rejected the allegations of terrorism.

On Saturday, BJP workers demonstrated across the country and burnt the effigy of Bilawal. Bilawal reacted to the protest and said that the protest should not be against him, but against hatred. Bilawal said, “We are not afraid of the RSS, we are not afraid of Mr. Modi. We are not afraid of the BJP. If they want to protest, they should.”

Pakistan People’s Party leader Shazia Marri on Saturday backed Bilawal’s comments on PM Modi threatening India with a nuclear war and said, “India should not forget that Pakistan has the nuclear bomb. Our nuclear position should remain silent.” Not for. We will not back down.” Down if you need to.”

Amid protests in India, Bilawal Bhutto says ‘not afraid of Modi, RSS’