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BBC Documentary Row: Left organizations adamant on showing banned documentary in JNU

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There was a huge ruckus in JNU last night over the BBC documentary. This documentary is banned in India, the Ministry of External Affairs called it a biased documentary driven by colonial mentality.
JNU BBC Documentary Row: JNU is once again in headlines mid Last night. there was a lot of ruckus between the student organizations of JNU and there were also reports of stone pelting. Left organizations in JNU were adamant on airing a BBC documentary targeting Prime Minister Modi. Late night there was a whole controversy in the campus regarding this issue.
In fact, BBC had made a documentary targeting PM Modi. The government banned the screening of this documentary in India. The seriousness of the matter can be gauged from the fact that India's Ministry of External Affairs, in a press conference, described it as a documentary inspired by colonial mentality and biased.

1. Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi said that we will say that this is an attempt to run a narrative of a special kind of propaganda against India. This documentary shows that the people and organizations associated with it have a special kind of thinking because there is no neutrality regarding the facts and the subject. It is driven by a colonial mindset.
2. After this, the opposition parties attacked the BJP government. The Congress on Saturday (21 January) criticized the government for 'censoring' a BBC documentary and said that Prime Minister Modi should remember 'Raj Dharma'.
3. After this, on Monday (January 24), the student organization of JNU Left parties took the lead. On Monday, pamphlets were distributed on the campus regarding the screening of this documentary. JNUSU Students' Union President Aishe Ghosh also shared the poster of the controversial documentary and wrote that the documentary will be screened on January 24 at 9 pm.
4. Taking action after sharing this poster of Aishi Ghosh, the JNU administration has issued an advisory and banned any such programme.
5. The JNU administration said in an advisory that any such unauthorized program can disturb the peace of the university campus. Students are advised not to do such controversial programmes. And, all the students who have made such a schedule should also cancel it. Failure to do so, disciplinary action will be taken against those students.
6. Despite this, left student organizations gathered in the campus under the leadership of student union president Aishe Ghosh and announced to screen the documentary. On this matter, the administration allegedly cut off the electricity at that place.
7. Left student organizations shared the link of the documentary on power cut, and while standing there, Aishi Ghosh talked to the media about watching that documentary from mobile.
8. During this controversy, the Left organizations alleged that the ABVP, the opposition student organization there, pelted stones at them. However, JNU ABVP president Rohit said that his organization has no connection with the clash. It is the job of the administration to see that the atmosphere of the campus is right and the situation does not deteriorate.
9. Talking to the media, Aishi Ghosh said that we will do the screening. We do not accept this ban, he claimed that this film shows the truth and BJP is afraid that the truth will come out.
10. After this whole controversy, left student organizations took out a foot march from the campus to the Basant Vihar police station and demonstrated. However, so far no response has come from the university administration in this entire controversy.