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Elon Musk says Twitter could allow users to publish articles and even books on platform soon

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Twitter is developing a feature that might change the way users engage with the platform. Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, recently revealed that the company is working on a new tool called “Articles,” which will enable users to publish extensive and intricate written pieces, complemented by various media formats. Musk emphasised that this feature will empower users to share long-form content, going so far as to suggest that one could even publish an entire book on Twitter.

This development signifies a significant expansion of Twitter’s capabilities and a departure from its traditional microblogging roots under Musk’s leadership. Twitter Blue subscribers already enjoy the freedom to compose tweets with up to 10,000 characters, surpassing the 280-character limit imposed on non-Blue subscribers. Twitter Blue in India is available for Rs 650 a month on the web and Rs 900 on mobile devices.

In recent times, the company has actively courted creators by introducing initiatives such as revenue sharing with Twitter Blue subscribers. This move aims to retain creators on the platform and prevent them from migrating to alternative platforms like Meta’s Threads or Substack. It’s worth noting that Substack’s Twitter-like feature was initially named “Notes,” which inadvertently sparked controversy and led to subsequent rebranding efforts.

Musk did not disclose a specific release date for the articles feature.

Meanwhile, Twitter is currently embroiled in yet another legal battle as it was hit with a second lawsuit this month, claiming that the company owes at least $500 million in severance pay to former employees. The lawsuit, filed as a proposed class action by Chris Woodfield, a former senior engineer at Twitter, alleges that the social media giant targeted older workers for layoffs—an accusation that sets this case apart from others.

source by : business today

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