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Google introduced such an AI tool that will convert TEXT into music, will set text for 5 minutes

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Google has introduced a new AI tool that can convert text into music. The name of this AI tool is MusicLM. Know its specialty.

Google AI Tool MusicLM: Open AI's chatbot 'Chat GPT' has created a sensation in the field of technology. After this AI tool, many other AI tools like DALL.E, GitHub Co-pilot etc. also gained a lot of popularity around the world and these were also the subject of discussion. Recently a news came out that a marketing company has hired two such AI interns who can do the work of the company in a better way. The company also said that if these AI tools work well, then their jobs can be fixed.On one hand, after the introduction of AI tools, there is a fear in people's mind that it is not good for their job or future of children, on the other hand, many people believe that according to the coming time, AI tools will help us. All are needed by which productivity can be improved.

Meanwhile, Google has launched a new AI tool called 'Music LM' which has further heated up the market of discussions. The specialty of this AI tool is that it can convert words into music. Means can convert any paragraph into a melodious music. At present, it has not been made live for the common people, but Google has definitely made such an AI tool. This AI tool can create music of up to 5 minutes.It will create music according to the description given in the paragraph, that is, the clearer the instruction given in the paragraph, the better the music will be. Google has also introduced some samples of this new model, which has been named MusicCaps.
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chatGPT in Google's nose
Open AI's chatbot 'Chat GPT' has put Google in trouble. The company is so worried about this chatbot that it has started working on many AI projects. At the same time, to compete with Google, Microsoft is also working on AI so that Google's dominance can be reduced in the field of tech. Google is also working on many AI tools to keep itself in the race. According to a report, Google will launch 21 new AI products in I/O 2023 which is to be held in March this year.