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Tata Motors Launches Turbotronn 2.0 Engine For Trucks

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Tata Motors has launched the Turbotronn 2.0 engine for 19-42 tonne trucks. This is a Stage 2 BS6 compliant 5.0 L turbocharged diesel engine that has a longer service and oil change interval of 1 lakh km and it is being offered with trucks based on the Ultra, Sigma, LPT and crowl platforms. It also comes with a 6-year/6-lakh km warranty.

Tata Motors launches new Turbotronn 2.0 engine for its 19 – 42 tonne truck range in India. The company has introduced this new engine claiming that it is “highly fuel efficient” and “reliable”. The company further added that this engine will find its use in Tata Motors trucks for varied applications across India.

The commercial vehicle division of Tata Motors has launched its new Turbotronn 2.0 engine which is going to power trucks ranging from 19 to 42 tonne category. Launching this engine the company has stated that this engine will aid the rapidly developing logistics, e-commerce, delivery and courier industry in the country.

The newly launched Turbotronn 2.0 engine from Tata Motors is a 5.0 L turbocharged diesel engine that is being offered in multiple tunes producing power in the range of 177.53 to 201.20 bhp and torque in the range of 700 to 850 Nm. Launching this engine the company has stated that they have put this engine through rigorous testing before the launch and that this engine has been tested for over 30,00,000 kms with a cumulative running time of over 70,000 hours. This engine is also Stage 2 BS6 compliant. Adding to its durability the company is claiming that this engine has a long service interval of 1,00,000 km resulting in longer up time with fewer visits to service stations and longer oil change intervals. Tata Motors will be offering this engine with varied platforms for the Ultra, Sigma, LPT and crowl platforms with a 6 year/6 lakh km warranty.

Commenting on the occasion, Rajendra Petkar, President and Chief Technology Officer, Tata Motors said, “The Turbotronn 2.0 is one of our most advanced internal combustion engines. Engineered with latest technologies, it enables trucks to cover longer distances in shorter time. Its robust performance and high fuel efficiency has set new industry benchmarks for trucking in India”.

source by: Times Now News

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