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Ireland’s Our Living Islands policy offers citizens to move to offshore communities

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Ireland has come up with a new policy that is giving an exciting chance to its citizens to move to their offshore communities. Residents of Ireland with appropriate immigration permissions can now move to the country’s offshore communities and become their part.

Ireland has introduced a program that would offer considerable economic incentives to those who decide to relocate to one of the country’s offshore communities. The program is a component of the Our Living Islands policy, which is an effort by the Irish government to increase the population of Ireland’s islands, reports Euro News.  

According to the official government website of Ireland, “The aim of this policy is to ensure that sustainable, vibrant communities can continue to live – and thrive – on the offshore islands for many years to come. Related to that aim is our ambition that visitors to the islands can continue to experience and appreciate the unique culture, heritage, and environmental richness that the islands have to offer.” The application to apply under this scheme will be available from July 1.

Since the news of this policy was announced, an official from Embassy of Ireland to India told Hindustan Times that several fraudulent visa schemes have come up. They said, “Please note that specific grant applications under the ‘Our Living Islands’ policy are only available to residents of Ireland with appropriate immigration permissions. The policy is not open to non-EU/EEA nationals who live outside of Ireland. Please remain alert to fraudsters looking to exploit misconceptions about this policy and be highly suspicious of anyone supposedly offering Irish ‘relocation visas’. Always check official Irish government sources for visa information, particularly the Irish Immigration homepage.”

Source By : Hindustan Times

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